Here's a series of small projects I developed by myself on my spare time. These are examples of my capacity for a hands-on approach, fluid shoulder-to-shoulder work with clients and dealing with tight deadlines.


Young and dynamic, but serious

Wemade is basically a social media management firm that was starting from scratch. The focus when creating it's brand was in making it appear both modern and young, but also in making it inspire trust and reflect professionalism.


We chose sticking to a cool color palette and a sturdy typeface for the serious side of things and appealed to diagonals and overlapping planes for a stronger style. The result looks corporate for it's simplicity, but is dynamic and versatile at it's core.

Wemade slides-01.jpg


La Movida

Social work with a rythm to it

La Movida is an art and music workshop for kids and teenagers from impoverished neighborhoods that aims to promote respect and develop responsibility and teamwork. They meet weekly in Los Troncos (Partido de Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and attendance is free.
When they were starting, a friend of mine that volunteered there came to me for help developing a brand in order to get patrons and volunteers.

03 Ajuste-01.jpg
Foto Grupal La Movida RET_web.png

The team really wanted to work with the shapes of hands for the logo, as they felt it was representative of both the musical and social side of the group's effort. For the rest of  the system, we prioritized making elements colorful, playful, simple and easy to hand over for collaboration with different volunteers.

Bifold Brochure Mockup - La movida_web.jpg



A multi-user content platform

Work for this project began with a very crude draft by the client and a handful of references. The nature of the platform called for some consideration regarding the versatility of the logo as a kinetic element.

Outro CG Alt 03_2.gif



Neat, sturdy and colorful

A Flopcase is a multipurpose plastic folder. I developed its logo and some basic design guidelines back when I was in my first years of university and made some adjustments to them shortly after.



Modern and easy to follow

The idea behind this enterprise is to offer marketing strategies and social media administration to a very specific set of clients.
To begin working I was given a name (MktPol) and a simple guideline: make things as clean, simple, and as easy to understand as possible.

Mkt Pol-01.jpg

The logo itself remains rather simple, and character is imbued into the brand using color and a 45º cut on specific elements. So designed pieces are to remain clean and simple.

Mktpol slide.png

Loop Sessions BA

Design that flows with the beat

The Loop Sessions are music production gatherings that take place in several cities around the world. It's a friendly space to hang out with musicians and create some neat beats in the process. Although they all build up from the same principles and collaborate amongst each other, the different city's sessions are independent and have their own identity.

I had the opportunity to help out bringing the first Loop Session to Buenos Aires. We aimed to create something new that we felt represented our vision for the project in that city and also paid homage to some of the other sessions.

Loop sessions insta.png

Another consideration was the possibility to adapt the brand to work with different cities, for example, Toronto, since the project will shortly arrive there as well. Lastly, we hope and encourage that this identity will grow and mutate as the project itself grows.

Banner 2.jpg
Editorial Design

Editorial Design