Studio work

Studio work

All of my experience working in a graphic design studio comes from my 8 years at Grupo Berro. I had the opportunity to participate on countless projects, while learning from industry veterans which also happen to be excellent people. I can proudly say that both my professional formation and my work values have been forged by my time working with them, and I'd venture to say that I've managed to leave my own mark in the studio as well.

I can't point to any specific work and claim it as my own, because of both the collaborative nature of Grupo Berro and the specifics of my position within the team, but I can mention certain projects I got the chance to work in a little more closely than the rest.



S.C. Johnson

SCJ is a massive worldwide company in charge of a huge amount of products. I got to work on product labels and digital media for products under the Mr. MuscleLysoformBlem, and Glade brands, among many others.
Adjustments to front and back labels, adaptation from old to new guidelines, implementation of guidelines on new labels, and creation of digital banners for e-commerce platforms, were some of my everyday tasks working for them.
A big takeaway for me from these projects is learning the dynamics of interacting with such a big company, and doing so in both a personal and professional manner.




This is a company famous for the quality standard of their products, often said to have the best alfajores in the country. Grupo Berro was in charge of the design for many of their products (including these and these) during a period, and I got the chance to participate.
For this client I did some image editing work on the great product photos that we used, some minor adjustments on certain final artworks, and editorial work for a catalog of a specific line of products, among other things.



Las Lilas

When I first started working as an intern, most of what I did was tidying up, organizing stuff and making coffee. But after some days I began working a little for Las Lilas. I didn't get to work on design, mind you, but rather I ended up doing some heavy duty data processing.
We're talking endless excel files full of numbers and attributes that had to be checked against the huge print files of the livestock catalogs. A daunting task that would have intimidated and frustrated a lot of people, but I managed to stay on top of it.
I eventually moved on from this kind of work, but in retrospect I appreciate it, for it helped in forging my methodical and efficiency-seeking character.




This is another enormous company which Grupo Berro often works with. It never ceases to impress me hearing about a project over lunch, watching how it develops at the hands of my boss and coworkers, and then one day having it suddenly appear on billboards and supermarket aisles everywhere.
Again, my participation in most of these projects was rather limited, but the opportunity to at least presence the development of projects like Don Vicente, Cocinero, Gallo, Chocoarroz, and Lira has been rather enriching.

Image Editing

Image Editing