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About Me

Education & experience

I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) and worked for 8 years at Grupo Berro. This allowed me to gain experience being part of (or managing) small teams. I also developed work as a freelancer during my own time.

My strength as a designer revolves around optimizing solutions & processes and solving logic & technical problems.

I am a bilingual English and Spanish speaker and currently learning German.

Software & tools

Proficient in Adobe’s suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects). I have working knowledge of 3D Max and Blender as well. Furthermore, my thorough knowledge of software in general enables me to learn new apps in a fast and reliable manner.

I have ample experience working on Windows and Mac OS, as well as maintaining both platforms. Knowing how to solve advanced technical problems (including networking and administration) has proven to be highly valuable for me and my employers over the years.

Interests & skills

Editorial and packaging design. I have ample experience managing large amounts of text, both in big page layouts and in constrained packaging die-cuts.

Video editing has been a hobby of mine for the longest time, and I’ve been able to apply this skill professionally on countless occasions.

I developed podcast editing skills recording and producing a limited series of long episodes.

From lighting to composition, good photography is vital in my field, and I managed to develop the skills to produce great shots consistently.

CMS's and web-tools, in general, share a common logic with which I am thoroughly familiar. This allows me to set up, manage, or maintain them effectively.

Other interests: Special effects, motion graphics, animation, filming, 3D modeling, and IT maintenance & counseling.


This short section should help anyone interested in knowing a little more about how I feel about design and how I like to work.

When a task is simple and straightforward, I tend to work in a rather loose manner. My ideas flow alongside my production, making for a rather organic and free-form (but methodic and organized) process. When I stumble upon extra-challenging tasks though, I like to engage in a more practical manner. I begin by nailing down all of the variables that I know can be fixed. Once the backbone of the task is in place, I take a step back and try to fill in the blanks applying what I learned about the project so far.

I've found that a lot of times engaging a daunting creative task with a practical mindset helps projects develop faster. It also helps in generating a solid conceptual basis for graphic desitions, which in turn provides depth and substance to any project.

And that is actually what I like the most about Graphic Design: The fact that I have this toolset made from my academic formation and my experience, and I need to use it any way I want to solve challenging creative problems. Doing my work usually brings me a similar satisfaction to solving complex brainteasers, but combined with the pleasure of bringing ideas and concepts to life.